Approach / How we get the Recruitment process done?

Our consultants follow a comprehensive process to identify candidates from different sources such as Their own professional networks, relationships and own proprietary database, Systematic search engines, etc.

Step 1:
Client Briefing & Job Description Development, Discuss with client and determine the specification for the search.

Step 2:
Candidate Identification, Development of recruitment strategies to find individuals who meet the specifications.

Step 3:
Intensive resume filtering, Database search, rank and select, Identify individuals who appear to have desired qualifications.

Step 4:
References & Job match-permission, Targeting potential candidates, Review backgrounds with client to select candidates for further consideration.

Step 5:
Salary / Remuneration advice, Contact possible candidates in accordance with client preference ranking.

Step 6:
Interview coordination, Schedule meeting between clients and candidates.

Step 7:
Salary Negotiation & Extend offer.

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